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Training is a key part of your digital evolution - DigitalGreen are here to help you define your training needs and deliver them ourselves or with one of our working partners.

We offer flexible training schedules to suit your requirements.

BIM Level 2

Digital Green offer education and training to ensure your staff at all levels understand the background, process and day-to-day changes required to work in a BIM Level 2 environment.

Our training complies with the UK Government's BIM Learning Outcome Framework and will prepare your company or staff for future certification or accreditation.

Common Data Environments

BIM requires us to share information using a CDE - our in-house expert will provide you with flexible training to ensure you are working to the correct industry standards (BS1192 in the UK) and create bespoke workflows for internal benefits.


With our expert having years of experience working for a CDE provider, we are able to provide practical training for staff using a CDE on projects or at Company implementation level. 

BIM Authoring Tools

Delivering information in a BIM environment using a CDE is one thing but how should you create your models, drawings, reports and information in the first place?

digitalgreen can work with you to find the best solution and provide training to ensure your productivity increase is gained quickly and with minimum interruption.

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