digital solutions for today's construction industry

What can we do for you?


Property Owners & Developers

Understand how working with truly digital information can bring financial, time & quality benefits to all aspects of your property portfolio.

We will enable you to specify your requirements and appoint design teams, contractors and operators to deliver your requirements in a digital environment.


Design & Construction

Understand what is required of you to deliver structured digital information for your clients and to gain benefits yourself.

We will enable you to reliably create, receive and use design and construction data.

From awareness training to software training, Digital Green will help you perform better.


Product Manufacturers

Understand how your product data should work with designers, specifiers, contractors and facility operators.

We will work with you to ensure your investment in digitalising your product catalogue fits within your process rather than adding additional work.


Consulting &


Whether you're a client, designer, contractor, operator or product manufacturer - we can guide you through creating your company requirements and processes.


Whether you require BIM Level 2,  Common Data Environment or model authoring training, we can deliver a cost effective course tailored to your company, project & staff.

Meet DigitalGreen


Born of a forward thinking background in the design and construction industry, we enable our clients to work digitally for their benefit first.

We work in an agile manner and never stand still.  Constantly striving to be better - you can be assured that you are receiving the latest information in business and technology trends,


We ensure the implementation of digital processes for each and every company we work with are successful in every way and understood by everyone affected.

We understand that 'digital' means different things to different people, we therefore communicate in a number of ways to ensure the benefits of your digital evolution are long term and sustainable.


There's no escaping it! Tech is key to supporting the delivery, curation and use of information we create.  The world's industries have evolved and construction is the last to do so...

Once you have a clear understanding of your information/data needs and processes we can guide you through the technology selection process.







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